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SAP HANA certification

Home theater system . might have heard about SAP HANA at least one time in past few years because it is continuing to grow to 1 with the hot technologies available in the market in terms of learning as well as for better career growth. Wondering about what SAP HANA is and what you can learn within it? In this article we will provide you with a brief breakdown of SAP HANA along with what one can learn in it. SAP HANA is surely an In-Memory, Columnar Database and Database integration Platform from SAP which is often deployed on-premise or in cloud. Features of SAP HANA: The pure in-memory technology allows business to explore/analyze their data in sub seconds. Supports for real-time analytics over the systems. Supports real-time data replication from various source systems. Provides tighter integration with SAP BOBI (Business Objects and Business Intelligence). It has got SQL and MDX connectivity to aid third party tools integration. In-built web server (XS Server) eliminates the need to have additional server for web based application. Single eclipse platform for Administration, Modeling and Development. All the models created are virtual and executed the business logic during run time. SAP HANA may be used to as database platform for SAP ERP (S4 HANA) and SAP BW (SAP BW on HANA) to leverage exiting landscape. Most regularly asked questions by individuals who just found out about SAP HANA: What are the pre-requisites to learn SAP HANA? What can I learn in SAP HANA? Will i need knowledge on ABAP? Do I need knowledge on SAP BW, SAP BO & SAP Data Services? I am from programming background (Java, JQuery, PHP and HTML), Can I learn SAP HANA? I've SQL and PL SQL knowledge, may i learn SAP HANA? I have knowledge / focusing on Database (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2), Can one learn SAP HANA? Getting SAP HANA Certification? Where can I find SAP HANA Certification Material? What are the pre-requisites to learn SAP HANA? To be precise there aren't any pre-requisites to understand SAP HANA besides your interest to find out technology. One other thing that differentiates pre-requisites is the area you would like to learn in SAP HANA. Confused? SAP HANA as a platform can be categorized into three major areas for someone to be effective on, namely: Administrator: An administrator is responsible for SAP HANA Database Installation & Configuration, Database Maintenance, Monitoring, Backup & Restore and User Management. Modeler: A modeler should have understanding of different data provisioning techniques accessible to bring data from various sources to SAP HANA, build information models (modeling objects) depending on business requirements, Performance tuning, Data Security, Different Reporting tools that may connect to SAP HANA and even more. Application Developer: A software developer will be working on programming languages like Java Script, JQuery, HTML and other languages to construct web applications that runs using SAP HANA Database platform. Can anyone help me find SAP HANA Certification Material? SAP HANA Certification Material changes depending on the area you take as each area has specific certification. Modeling: C_HANAIMP151 / C_HANAIMP_11 : SAP Certified Application Associate Administration: C_HANATEC151 / C_HANATEC_11 : SAP Certified Technology Associate SAP BW on HANA: E_HANABW151 : SAP Certified Application Specialist - SAP BW on SAP HANA Should you be looking for material for each certification, then please feel the article ‘SAP HANA Certification - Material’ for additional information.

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